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We are a Third Party inspection body which endows inspection services for different products and organizations. The comprehensive textile and apparel inspection, Garment Made up product Inspection services are one of them. With our client-oriented services, we assure you that only the best products are okayed that reliably pass every testing parameter without compromise which assures you to deliver the highest-quality products to market with precision and speed.

While the textile and apparel industry has witnessed many changes in its quality parameters that have gotten rigid over the years, the distance of the manufacturing plant from the point of sale to the retailers makes the products mandatory to testing. Once the inspection is undertaken, it gives the merchandize the seal of quality.

There are a number of reasons why we Stand as a Leading Textile product / Garment made up product Inspection Services Company:

  • We have a well-qualified team of inspectors who can identify apparel types, purity of the material, quality and fabric make, defects, and noncompliance in finished goods.
  • Our experts ensure that the production and designs of the fabric from different stages of the production process are stringently met with stipulated standards.
  • We follow a comprehensive investigation route to check apparel quality pre-production to the final stage of shipment, removing the smallest of doubt in fabric quality and giving a complete satisfaction of mind to the investigated company.

During textile and apparel inspections, we undertake thorough fabric inspection to count its weight, print standards, defects, and hand feel. Our inspector ensures proper garment labeling and it includes relevant information like RN, makes of country, fabric content, etc. The workmanship is also assessed to confirm proper stitches, matching stitches, fasteners, pattern continuity, and linings in form.

Our agency’s textile and apparel inspector also measures fabric width, length, and weave appearance to strictly comply with the relevant standards and regulations during the production process.

Inspection Stages Carried Out By The Agency In Brief: Pre-Production Stage:
  • The quality of incoming material is checked in conformity to standards.
  • The type and quantity of raw materials are verified.
Inline Production Stage:
  • Both semi-finished and finished products are randomly sampled to assure that the production batch does not miss on any minor to the major quality standard
  • Samples inspected are verified and faults are immediately addressed with the production staff by implementing corrective action plans based on inspection findings.
  • Safety visual checks are undertaken frequently along with social compliance.
Final Production Stage Inspection:
  • Final products are sampled.
  • Findings of problems found in samples are marked in the inspection report.
  • The factory is then acknowledged by the findings.
Packing Inspection Before Delivery:
  • The product ready to be packed is randomly inspected.
  • A full inspection of all finished goods is undertaken.
  • Careful supervision of transportable load is reviewed to avoid damage during transit.

Prior to shipping, our textile inspectors review the packaging list to ensure correct carton count with proper dimension and weight, shipping label, and style that must correspond to the standards as per packing slip. Post packing, affirmatory garment count is followed to see if the carton is packed as per carton dimensions laid out, tags included to confirm SKU/price, and barcodes are visible along with the garment shade identification.

We Cover Unseen Defects Including:

Critical Flaws – Defects in compliance standards can trigger hazardous or unsafe conditions. Non-compliance with safety regulations can promote danger to the customer like missing on a stray needle in the garment, broken and loose buttons in kids’ wear, sharp edges in the comfort wear, or missing suffocation warnings.

Major Flaws – Defects resulting in outright rejection of product due to poor stitch quality, fabric color fading, open seams, or such that prevents the exposure of product in the market.

Minor Flaws– Although minor defects like thread strands popping out or broken box cases don’t reduce product usability, they are notified.

Textile inspection is very important for today’s successful business and to maintain goodwill. Therefore, our textile and apparel inspection services help the company identify several defects before they can hamper production stages or lower quality standards. Under the expert supervision of the investigator, an audit report is submitted to the company to verify its internal process workup and improve upon its deviations.

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