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UK Certification and Assessment Ltd strengthening a high-value profession that helps make the world safer more prosperous, accessible, and more connected. We know that shaping the future of next generation is a big task and we always try to get in touch with the Corporate Membership those are made to assure quality services. The organizations to whom with we have got Corporate Membership are assuring standardization of the services. Here are the details of our Corporate Membership organizations.

Delhi Chamber of Commerce (DCC)

The DCC (Delhi Chamber of Commerce) is 70 years old organization for the commercial opinion. DCC is consulted by state Governments and the Government of India on all vital and important commercial matters. It is truly equipped to serve the interest of several organizations on commercial affairs.

The DCC Committee is always prepared to bring to the notice of the Government of India and the State Government legitimate grievances of the commercial community. Delhi Chamber of Commerce represents Governments to the enactment of laws for the protection of the Commerce and Industry of India. Log in for membership information

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