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ISO 20000-1:2018 Certification

ISO 20000 Standard is an Information Technology- Service Management System (SMS) requirements. The main objective of this standard is the organization shall establish, implement, maintain and improve the Information Technology- Service management system within the organization. To ensure:

Meeting the service requirements to achieve customer satisfaction Designing and delivering services based on the SMS that add value for the customer Continually improving the SMS and the services based on objective measurements In common business practice the ISO 20000 Certification is also referred as SMS /ITSMS standard. The summarized requirement details of ISO 20000 are given below :

General Requirements Of Service Management System

The Top Management of the organization shall demonstrate the commitment for ITSMS, established the ITSMS Policy, established the role, responsibility & Authority, established the internal & external communication system, Appoint the management representative, established the governance system for the processes operated by other parties, established the documents management system & resource management, Define scope of SMS, Plan the SMS, Implement and operate the SMS, Monitor and review the SMS – by conducting Internal Audit and Management review meeting.

Design And Transition Of New Or Changed Services

The organization shall Plan new or changed services, Design, and development of new or changed services and Transition of new or changed services.

Service Delivery Processes

The organization shall agree a catalogue of services with the customer, SLA agreement, Service reporting, ensure Service continuity and availability management, develop of plans, monitoring and testing, a defined interface between the budgeting and accounting for services process and other financial management processes. Identify and agree capacity and performance requirements with the customer and interested parties. Develop information security policy and established information security control.

Relationship Processes

Business relationship management and Supplier management

Resolution Processes

Incident and service request management and Problem management.

Control Processes

Configuration management, Change management, Release and deployment management

Benefits of ISO 20000-1:2018 Certification
  • Consistency in IT service delivery.
  • Reduce the response time for IT- service delivery
  • Enhance customer satisfaction and retention of customer
  • Improve the Legal, Regulatory and contractual compliance
  • Reputation enhancement among stake holders, interested party and customer.
  • Reduce the operational cost.
  • Improve the business potential among the competitor
  • Overall Improvement of organization reputation in the market.
  • Business opportunity improved.
How To Get ISO 20000-1:2018 Certification – The Applicant Organization Shall Ensure The Followings Prior To ISO 20000 Certification Certification (Information Technology- Service Management System Certification)
  • Organization has implemented the Information Technology Service Management System (ITSMS) in the organization as per the requirements of ISO 20000 standard. Established the Scope, Policy, ITSMS Quality Manual, relevant procedures and SOP’S.
  • Conducted one complete cycle Information Technology service Management System (ITSMS) Internal Audit.
  • Conducted at least one Management review meeting on Information Technology Service Management System.
ISO 20000-1:2018 – Information Technology Service Management System Certification Process
  • Application review and contract sign up between UKAS Cert and applicant organization.
  • Stage-1 Audit.
  • Stage-2 Audit.
  • Certification decision
  • Issue of certificate.
  • Surveillance audit (annually or Half yearly as finalized during application review process and agreed by client).
  • Re-Certification Audit (within three years before expiry of certificate).

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