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We are a Third Party Inspection Agency
Type of Inspections covered by us as Export Inspection Agency is given below
Pre Shipment Inspection

Buyers are always worried about the quality and quantity of the goods which they purchase from the supplier. Pre Shipment Inspection (PSI) is a method to solve this problem. The concept of the PSI has been originated from the supply chain management. PSI is an important quality control method for checking the quality of the goods client buys from the supplier. This is the final opportunity to take the preventive action before your production is finished and the product packed.

The sole purpose of the PSI is that production complies with the specification of the buyer and its condition for the product to be dispatched from the supplier’s location. Sometimes the buyers expect the production to be done on the basis of a checklist which also includes the special requirement of the buyer to be checked by the inspector.

There are many criteria for the Pre Shipment Inspection; one of them is AQL Level 2, where the product is being inspected as per the Acceptance Quality Level mentioned as an international Document

Pre Shipment inspection can be performed at different stages before the shipment, such as inspection of the number of goods and packing, controlling the quality or consistency of goods. Sometimes documents are also checked like previous inspection reports, present test reports, packaging List or verification of compliances according to the requirement of the national and international buyer

we are a  Free Market Company that is privately owned leading Third Party Inspection Company. we have a highly trained and experienced Team of  Inspectors who use an appropriate sampling process to select the product Lots for Pre Shipment Inspection and also checks the proportion against the Quality Requirement.

Container Loading Inspection

Container loading inspection is one of the most essential aspects that we cover to provide full assurance to our clients about product reliability and a safer delivery platform. Our inspection follows a procedure that gives optimum satisfaction and trust to our clients. Steps in the inspection include:

1. Product Conformity

As per the customer requirements / Inspection Instructions – We assigned the competent Inspector for Inspection of Product prior to Packing/ Loading the Container.

The Inspection could be 100 % or as per AQL it depends on the customer requirements and Inspection Instruction.

The Product will be inspected against the given Drawing / Specifications/ Sample – as Instructed by the customer.

As each stage of Inspection – our Inspection Team captured the Photographs / Video (as Agreed) and prepares the detailed product Inspection reports.

The Inspection Finding /Observation and Status of product inspection shall be recorded in the Inspection Report.

To make sure that, after a review of the Inspection report the customer can understand the Product quality and shipment status.

Inspector will check random cartons to verify its quality, quantity, and packing standards. Breakage will be also checked. This is to ensure the shipping of the perfect good.

2. Packing

Inspection of Packing will be carried out by Inspector – with reference to the Packing Instructions supplied by Customer or agreed with the supplier. To ensure

  • Quantity per Carton is packed as per Packing Instructions.
  • Labeling / Marking on Box is appropriate.
  • Boxes are Properly packed and Sealed
  • Master carton properly packed – Qty is Correct.
  • If Pallet packing required – the Pallet packing is properly packed – as per Packing Instruction.
  • Loading of Pallets in container is properly done.

We also check the condition of export cartons which are fragile because a dilapidated packing can soil the cargo inside. For delicate components, an effective cushioning is necessary and for perishable products, our inspector will set an eye on bulged packs or improperly closed containers since delay in shipment can attract order cancelation from product damage.

3. Quantity Check And Breakdown

The inspector will judge his counting order and assess that the product conforms to its size, weight, and amount. He will check the quantity as a whole when the product is easy to be calculated.

4. Condition Of Shipment

The pre-shipment inspection also warrants strict vigil not only on the product but also on the container. A weak container or a dented chamber definitely can give red flags because of potential leaks or other damaging factors it can promote. So the inspector will note down these faulty measures and ask for the replacement of another container.

5. Final Process Of Loading And Handling

After packing and containing, the shipment is ready to be loaded. But this process needs intricate guidance since the loads are generally heavy and require the presence of mind. The instructor will then instruct the loaders to follow a proper loading plan where loading discipline is followed and that all the cartons fit properly in the container.

6. Company Seal

The seal of authentication is necessary to judge that the product being sent has been properly checked as per all standards. The compliance issue can arrive if the seal is broken or tampered with. Our inspector will authenticate that a proper company seal closes the container before the products are driven away from the factory.

Under the various responsibilities lying ahead, our UKAS Cert certified inspector will duly comply with his responsibilities and help reduce the burden a company may face during the pre-shipment order.

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