Factory Audit

Every client who places an order with the factory must be satisfied by all standards of reliability. UKAS Cert conducts a third party factory audit on his behalf to ensure workplace registration under govt. regulations, observation of production area including industrial setup, equipment used, the capability of units manufactured in addition to verification of the quality system. These measures ensure the reliability of the production unit to the client.

Process of Factory Audit

During the Factory Audit, the following are covered

– Verify the Infrastructure and Facility of the Supplier

  • Manufacturing Capability as per the expectation of Customer Requirements
  • Availability of implementation of Management System and Certification
  • Availability of In-house Inspection and Testing Facility
  • Competent Personal of the supplier at Different Process and Activities to maintain the production, Inspection process to meets the Customer requirements.
  • Contingency Plan of the organization – In relation with – Raw Material, Machine, Man Power,  Power Supply, etc in case of Emergency Situation
  • Transport and Logistic Facility of Supplier
Factory Audit Reporting System

Our expert team will visit the supplier site/ Manufacturing site. Verify the above information through  Factory Inspection, Review of Document, and Interaction with Supplier.

Take the Photo  at all level as Evidence

Prepare the Detailed Factory Audit Report and submit the Client.

Benefits of Factory Audit
  • cost of Personal Visit to Client Reduced.
  • Help the Clients to take the decision on Supplier Selection and Approval.
  •  Potential Risk for wrong supplier selection reduced
  • The risk to supply Chain break reduced

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