Food Safety Supervisor Training

Food Safety Training & Certification Program (FoSTaC) is a training module that exhibits all aspects of food and safety norms to be inculcated during the involvement of any procedure-related to food handling, production, processing, and its utilization.

As Per Order of FSSAI, Section 16(3)h of the Food Safety and Standards Act, 2006, the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India mandates proper training of persons as Food Business Operator or employees who are involved in Food Businesses or need to be in the future. It has been accorded under the Central License or State License to have at least one trained Food Safety Supervisor for a minimum of 25 food handling staff on all their promises. The nature of the business can be carried only after prior certification from a recognized food training partner authorized by the FSSAI.

About the Food Safety Supervisor Training

FSSAI has initiated the certification program of training through its initiative called FoSTaC.It means food safety training and certification. There are nine different types of courses meant for different types of food businesses on their ability and expertise, however, every food business operator must have at least one certified personnel who can be held responsible for all the implementation of food safety measurement or shortfall thereof.

FSSAI takes into account every minute detail of a food processor by scientific standards to ensure food safety compliance and regulation right from their manufacture, storage, distribution, sale, and import to ensuring the provision of safe and wholesome food that fits human consumption.

Requisition of FSSAI

The safety supervisor course is a must for every FBO. It is necessary for every hotel, Dhaba, restaurant, rail and flight catering services, general caterers, canteens, and any other organization involved in the food business to procure a food safety supervisor course in due time.

Here is the list of categories which mandate the certification programs that a licensed FBO must obtain:

  • Food Safety Supervisor – Street Food Vending
  • Food Safety Supervisor- Advance Catering
  • Food Safety Supervisor- Basic Catering.
  • Food Safety Supervisor- Advanced Manufacturing
  • Food Safety Supervisor- Basic Manufacturing
  • Food Safety Supervisor for Manufacturing Special- Bakery
  • Food Safety Supervisor for Manufacturing Special – Oil
  • Food Safety Supervisor for Manufacturing Special – Milk & Milk Products
  • Food Safety Supervisor for Manufacturing Special – Water & Water Based Beverages

Apart from this, the law also maintains that retail and distribution of food and food products also go through a safety supervisor course so that the quality is not compromised.

There are perishable products that may become infected by bacterial infections like dairy, mushrooms, and cheese. Therefore, it is also important to maintain their cooling in storage and during transportation. For this purpose too, a course is required.

Who provides FoSTAC training?

FoSTaC, a short training course is authorized exclusively by FSSAI but the training module is conducted by a trading partner. There are nine different types of courses categorized for different types of food businesses on different competency level and the FBO is responsible to ensure at least one trained and certified person in the premises to keep up with the food safety guidelines.

Every trainer or training organization imparts certification only under the aegis of FSSAI. The training agency is certified as a training partner which can come in different classifications as under:

1. Associations :

Professional bodies or individuals and Scientific Associations in the food sector at the National, State, or Regional level exceeding at least a 100 members.

2. Licensed Food Businesses :

Larger sized FBOs can also train other smaller FBOsincluding their peer groups, contractual manufactures, and their personal staff.

3. Recognized Institutes Categorized Under Academic & Vocational Sections :

Various educational bodies like Universities, Colleges, Technical Institutes, Hotel Management Institutes, and other institutions can absorb and offer the FoSTaCcertification curriculum in their existing courses or offer them optionally.

4. Training Providing Agency :

Corporations that have at least three years of experience at the national or international level in training on food safety and/or nutrition including trading partners authenticated by different Sector Skill Councils and other Govt. Schemes.


UKAS Cert has been conducting various certification programs for different management systems, ISO certification, and third party inspection. Being an organization that has established its name in the field of MSS training and certification, Food Safety audit programs and many others, it is of extreme pride that this company has been impaneled by the FSSAI to provide FoSTaCTraining /certification program to the Food Safety Supervisors of FBO’s personnel per their requirements.

To Participate in the Food Safety Supervisor Training/certification course, you need to register yourself on FSSAI website as Trainee and choose the UKAS Cert as a training center amongst others. Once after completion of the course and passing the examination, the Food Safety Supervisor certificate will be provided by FSSAI to the Participant those who have been passed/Qualified in the examination.


Per Order of Food Safety and Standard Authority of India, Section 16(3)h of the Food Safety and Standards Act, 2006 dated 6th October 2017, Training becomes mandatory for All Central and State Licensed FBO (Food Business Operator ) under Food Safety Supervisor Act 2006 and so it is accorded under the Central License or State License to have at least one trained Food Safety Supervisor for a minimum of 25 food handling staff.

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